Peekaboo Monster in Hawaii


If you remember the last time Peekaboo was in Hawaii… well, you already know how this is gonna turn out.

If you don’t remember (or even worse, didn’t GO) the last time, well, you’re in for a HUGE surprise.

the lightsleepers, in association with exclusive, Contrast Magazine, and Pocket Full of Monsters, present the return of Peekaboo Monster.  This event will have art from the man himself, along with the opportunity to pick up the limited edition lightsleepers x Peekaboo collabo shirt.

The event goes down this Thursday night at the lighsleepers pop-up shop/exclusive.  The fun begins at 5pm and it’s open to the public.

Bring your blackbooks and some markers, you’re probably gonna need them.

For more info, check out the lightsleepers.