De La Hoya / Pacquiao


So, I went with this graphic instead of the De La Hoya fishnet photos.  I think I made the right choice.

So, tonight marks the biggest event ever (this week) for Filipino people around the world.  The pride of the PI, “The Pac Man” Manny Pacquiao, steps into the ring and into destiny as he takes on the legendary Oscar De La Hoya in what can only be labeled as a dream amtch-up that only could have occurred on video game screens.

There’s a lot to prove in this fight: De La Hoya wants to prove that he still has the big fight in him. Pacquiao wants to prove that he’s ready to take the crown of best pound for pound fighter on the planet.

We are a bit prejudice here at atypicalLIVING HQ, so we won’t make any predictions on who’s gonna win, though you can probably guess who we want to win.

Either way, it’s gonna be an amazing fight, no doubt.  So, swing by a sports bar, someone’s house, or bite the bullet and order it for yourself.  Either way, just find a way to watch this epic battle between two iconic characters of the sweet science.