Kaba Modern x Kallusive



Guess who’s gonna be back in town?

In cooperation with Kallusive and Prototype, Kaba Modern and the Kallusive Dance Crew will be throwing down at a few events around town this weekend.  First up is a special appearance at the W Honolulu.  This event is part of the Kallusive World Tour, a celebration of the release of their latest season of gear.  The event is 21+ and the dress code is dressy, so dress accordingly.

Next is a series of dance workshops going down this Saturday at the Diverse Arts Center on Queen St., near Ward Center Office Max.  Featuring classes taught by Josh “Ace” Ventura, Laura Edwards, Arlando “Landizee” Wilkins, and Kaba Modern’s Jia Huang, this is an all day dance throwdown that you definitely want to be a part of.  Tickets for this one are available at Word of Life, New Hope, Hypersquad, Honolulu Dance Studio, Studio 808 and the YMCA.

Finally, after you’re done watching the Pac-Man smack the crap out of the Golden Boy, check out Kaba Modern and the rest of the Kallusive Dance Crew at Level 4 around 10PM.

For more info, check out Kallusive.