Fitted Hawaii Black Friday Sale




Man, Fitted Hawaii’s got a gang of stuff going down this Friday.

First of is the massive Black Friday sale with anything on the wall being 25%, with a $10 shirt table and $10 hat rack.  Deifnitely a good time to score some dope gear.

Secondly, the Fitted crew is also releasing new stuff on Black Friday.  First up is a special “shave ice” pack of Kamehameha fitteds.  Based on the colors you’d see when hitting up Matsumoto’s or Waiola, these are one color tonal pieces that will compliment all your gear.  The fitteds come in a variety of flavors including blue vanilla, cotton candy, banana, mango, grape, and lime.

The second thing dropping is a new shirt called “Ho Brah” that pays tribute to the old Vision Skateboard “psycho sticks” graphics.  This one’s tweaked with a Fitted hit on the bototm and the tribal triangle pattrn foudn on the guy’s shades.  Very dope and very Fitted.

The sale and all this stuff is ready to go this Friday, starting at 7am.

For more, check out Fitted Hawaii.