NEW! Fitted Hawaii Endangered Species series




Another Saturday, another Fitted Hawaii release.

The political and social statements coming from the Fitted crew has been one of the largest I’ve heard in a long time.  In an effort to promote protecting the land and all of its traditions and cultures, the Fitted crew has taken a stand and released this combination to preserve the traditions of the Hawaiian people, the melting pot of the world.

First up is the shirt, which is an all-black affair, with the Pride H on the front pocket and the graphic “Hawaiian Endangered Species” on the back, shedding light to the plight of other that have been orphaned.

The hats are two of a kind.  First, both hats contain the camoflauge print, Pride H, and state seal satin lined interior.  That’s where the similarities end.  The brown hat has the Pride logo in black with orange stroke, along with an orange New Era hit on the side.

The green fetaures a black logo with Neon Green stroke.

Either way, both are ill.

As always, the same rules apply: first come, first served; phone orders take after 12pm.

You can scoop these beauties up at Fitted Hawaii.

Also, if you plan on coming early, the Fitted staff asks for your kokua and to prk in an off-site lot, such as Ala Moana.