NEW! Fitted Hawaii “The Blueprint” shirt and New Eras


Another Tuesday, another Fitted Hawaii drop.

Today’s drop focuses on blueprints and how you need to have an awesome plan before diving headlong into a project.  This is what the Fitted braintrust did a few years ago when the idea of the shop was coming together.  Now, three years later, they are Hawaii’s premiere hat shop, with a loyal following both here and worldwide.

But all of this would not have come about without some amazing planning, which is wha tthe shirt is based on.  White tee with the Fitted name done up in 3D, with all thos elittle blueprint details all throughout the graphic.

Along with the shirt, there’s two hats available as well: one is a custom Milwaukee Brewers piece that’s dark green on the front two panels and black on the back four, dark greene eyelets, and red underbill and logo.  Along with the Brewers piece, there’s a red with blakc pinstripe UH piece with a denim bill.

Both will be available today and the same rules apply: first come, first served; phone orders after 12pm.

For more info, check out Fitted Hawaii.