NEW! St. Alfred Holiday 2008

OK, this Saturday is turning out to be nothing but HEAT! coming out.

This is St. Alfred salvo into the streetwear battle for your Christmas Cash.  They’re coming at you with three solid pieces, each reflecting what the boys for the Chi are all about.

The checkerboard 5-panel joints have been making their way around the scene, but now, they’ve got a matching shirt to go along with ’em.  The hats and shirts have such a symmetry that you could throw any combination of the four hats and two shirts and come up with something serviceable.

The second shirt is super OFFICIAL, as the phrase “Sportsman Like Conduct” just sound hella super handsome (…sound, shouts to Delve1der!).  It’s just one of those phrases that sounds like it should have been coined a long time ago… but it hasn’t.

Speaking of being coined, this should get a chuck of yours this Saturday.  The gear will be available at both Kicks/HI locations (Ward and Makaloa) this Saturday morning.

For more, check out Kicks/HI and St. Alfred.