NEW! Kicks/HI Holiday 2008, First Delivery

And let the games begin!

Kicks/HI has just fired their salvo in the battle for your Christmas Cash with the release of their First Delivery on Holiday 2008 product.  The line looks amazing, with the snapback caps fully making a comeback and the CMYK splatter print is absurdly good.

The labor union shirt is the kind of official you would expect from the Kicks/HI crew and the shirt with the screen printed tie is sure to get people talking for months to come.  This is just a solid line up of clothes for the discriminating streetwear connoisseur.  All winners, no losers on this panel, so just take your pick, it’s all heat.

The First Delivery is slated for release this Saturday at both Kicks/HI locations (Ward and Makaloa) and at Kicks/HI + GUAM in the next week.

For more info, check out the Kicks/HI fam online.