NEW! Prototype UH crackle New Era

The Prototype Ops guys (Danny, G. Cook, Kevin, and Chris) are the biggest football heads that I know out there.  I don’t think you can deny how much of a football fan (or baseball, for that matter) that these guys are.  So, it’s just appropriate that these guys are pushing the envelope of UH Warriors fashion.  This is just one example of it.

Running off of the Prototype crackle logo shirt they put out there a little while back, this hat takes the same Jordan 3/elephant/crackle print and applies it to the New Era. And it’s not just any crackle, but 3M Reflective crackle.  Very official.  Throw that on a black 5950 with a black/silver logo and red accents and underbill, and you got one super official New Era.

Check out this flick of groundUP leader nBOSS rocking the 5950:

You can scoop up this dope New Era at Prototype in Pearlridge.

For more info, check out the Inspire Creativity blog.

BTW, Go BOWS! vs. Boise State this weekend.  Big ups to Coach Mac and the linebacking corps.