Tassho Pearce in MidWeek

OK, all you needed to do was peep the headline and that should have caused you to run to the mailbox.

Hawaii’s hip-hop mogul, Tassho Pearce, has just landed on the cover of MidWeek’s Weekend edition.  The Melissa Moniz penned story covers the entire journey of Tassho from Hoomanakas and KTUH to “Rhyme and Punishment” to the beginnings of Flip the Bird to the Run Athletics collabo to “The Opening Act.”

It really gives a great perspective on someone that is bringing Hawaii to the masses without settling for the usual stereotypes and imagery that is associated with Hawaii.  Cutting a new path for Hawaii, Tassho and a host of Hawaii’s new breed of MCs (Creed Chameleon, Perfect Median, and NoMasterBacks come to mind as well) is taking Hawaii’s melting pot reputation and flipping it to bring Hawaii to the masses.

As it was mentioned in the article, “The Opening Act” is now available in select stores now, including Kicks/HI, in4mation and Prototype.  The nationwide release of “The Opening Act” is this Tuesday, October 14th.

You can read the MidWeek article here.

You can find out more about Tassho and Flip the Bird at their website: flipthebirdonline.com