NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Pineapple Aloha” Pack 

After last Saturday’s epic BBQ/Sale, the Fitted crew has cleared off enough shelf space to keep the flow of new products coming.  The first of these new products pays homage to two iconic images: Andy Warhol’s classic Velvet Underground album cover and the Arakawa’s Palaka Print.

First up, the hat.  This one was first seen about a month ago during Fitted Hawaii’s 24 hour coverage on the Strictly Fitted’s website.  Based off the famous Palaka print of plantation Hawaii, this hat is another collaboration between the Fitted crew and Estate LA.  The hat features a green Palaka print all over with a black denim brim and yellow underside.  Adorning the crown of the hat are the gigantic ALOHA on the front two panels, a left side Fitted crown hit, a right side WELCOME TO HONOLULU hit, and a Fitted crest back hit.  Overall, another winner cap with TONS of details.

The shirt features the Fitted crew’s interpretation of the Velvet Underground cover, but with a Hawaii twist.  The iconic banana is replaced by the iconic pineapple.  The back features the Fitted crown with a fill consisting of the pineapple.

These are both limited edition pieces, with the hat only having 100 and the shirt 80.  Suffice to say, if you want one, you better get there hella early.  Like all Fitted releases, this is subject to the usual rules: first come, first served; phone orders taken after 12pm.

The “Pineapple Aloha” set will be available at 11am this Saturday at Fitted Hawaii.