Funky4Corners and Scion hawaii present “FunkDeFined”, another b-boy jam in the series of b-boy jams that Funky4Corners have been throwing down at the FilCom.

The highlights of this jam include a 3-on-3 “Lottery” battle (whatever that means), a “Frequent Floorrocker” battle (which, I’m assuming, is a battle involving dancing, tight lavatories, and tray tables in a upright and locked position), and a writers battle… involving nametags.  Big Mox is hosting, with DJ Flip, Sir Style, and Vince The Funk providing all the breaks that b-boys get down to.

This is an all ages event, so it’s safe for the whole family.  That is, is your family likes to get served.

The event goes down 5PM this Wednesday at the Waipahu FilCom Center.  Entry is $10 with a flyer, $12 without and video cameras are allowed at the event.

For more info, check out Funky4Corners.