Happy Halloween from Flying Coffin

Flying Coffin has had this tradition where they release a special edition tee to celebrate Halloween.  The shirt has always released on the Flying Coffin website and, if prior releases hold true, you’ll have to camp out for the shirt, much like concert tickets and Jordan online releases.

This year, they’ll open up the Halloween product to all their stockists, including goods (WA), 5 & a dime (SD), kicks/hi (HI), union (NY), beantic (CA), major (DC), boundless (NY), rco (CA), speakeasy (CO), ftc sac (CA), hecklewood (OR), krudmart (NY), saint alfred (IL), the denver shop (CO), fitted (HI), citizen (MI), hospitality (VA), monkey bizz (sweden).

The hat is deinfitely ill, as it’s got that jack-o-lantern feel to it with a very SICK lining: pumpkin guts.

The hat will be available to both the website and the stockists, but the shirt is an online exclusive.

To go get it, hit up the Flying Coffin website.