NEW! St. Alfred Fitteds

This Saturday marks another release for the St. Alfred clan.  Yes, these are the same St. Alfred joints that set the Chi on fire earlier this month, so now it’s time for Hawaii to get a piece of that hot fiyah.  The Midwest knows about these four colors, and they’re completely sold out east of the Rockies, so Kicks/HI will be the only spot to cop these.

Another big release this week is the grand opening of Kicks/HI+GUAM.  That’s right. the next big jump off is GUAM, so the Kicks/HI clan put in their bid and will be the dopest kicks supplier on the island.  To all the GUAM heads, you now have a new spot to rock.  Kicks/HI+GUAM grand opening and party goes down this Friday in Tumon Bay.

As always, you know where they stay.