BayVI/Local Motion present Paparazzi

The hardest thing for an amateur to do is to get noticed, especially in surfing.  Well, BayVI and Local Motion are here to help level the playing field.  They’ll be holding a special event called Paparazzi, in which BayVI, Heavywater Magazine, Local Motion and Surf News Network will come together and hook up the ams with the ultimate in exposure: their very own, fully customizable photoshoot.

Everyone will receive their very own poster of their best action shot.  Last year, the crew caught someone’s first barrel.  Everyone will also receive a special, limited-edition BayVI Paparazzi shirt.  The top shot gets featured in a two-page spread for Local Motion in the next Heavywater Magazine.  The best and most creative shots will be combined and used for a BayVI ad.

This all goes down this Saturday at Kaiser Bowls in Honolulu.  Seriously, what better than an actual photo shoot and riding the waves of Kaiser Bowls with only 5 other guys in the water in the same day?

How does one get involved with this?  Well, there’s only 48 positions available, and interested riders should be honest and say they’ll be there.  The signups are available at all Local Motion locations.

For more info, check out BayVI