NEW! Fitted Shirt and New Eras

Another Saturday, another Fitted Hawaii drop.

Seriously, Fitted has gotten the kids going nuts with these twice weekly releases.  The hunger for new Fitteds and shirts must be insatiable for the market, because there’s no way that these shirts go up… and then I can’t find them the Monday after.

This set is gonna be no exception to the rule there.  Dopeness all around.

First off, the shirt: it’s the Fitted crest printed on a black tee.  The crest is filled with a pattern that can be best described as reddish-camo.  This one was patterned off the octopus, down to the color and pattern in the fill.

Next, three hats all claiming from Boston: a throwback Boston Braves in red with black denim bill (dang, Fitted has been working that colorway a lot recently); a Boston Red Sox with 2 front camo panels, 4 red back panels, and a red B logo; a Boston Bruins piece in all black denim with tan and gold accents on the logo.

These all drop promptly at 11am.  As always, the same rules apply: first come, first served; phone orders taken after 12pm.

For more info, check out Fitted Hawaii.