NEW! Black Lightning x Shadow Conspiracy

Leading BMX manufacturer Shadow Conspiracy has teamed up with bike fabricator Black Lightning for an awesome combo of fitted and shirt.

This is probably the most detailed out fitted I’ve seen in a minute… BL x SC logo on the front, Shadow Conspiracy and Black Lightning logos on the back and underbill, satin lining and tonal print.  Very sick indeed.

The shirt is no slouch either, with it’s BL x SC logo on the front, all over tonal print and the Black Lightning logo on the sleeve hit.  Definitely worthy of being rocked on the street while cruising on the black mags.

Word on the street is that the Shadow Conspiracy folks were hella stoked about the project and scooped up a grip of the sets.  So, that means Saturday’s drop might be hella limited.  But, that shouldn’t stop you from getting yours, really.

These come out this Saturday at 11am at both the Ward and Makaloa St. Kicks/HI locations.

For more info, check out Kicks Hawaii.