NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Mo’o” shirt and custom New Eras

Another Tuesday, another Fitted Hawaii drop.

The shirt graphic this time around features a mo’o, also known as a gecko, the official house pet of homes in Hawaii.  And no, this one won’t save you money on car insurance, but it will add some extra pizazz to your Fall outfits.  The gecko is surrounded by splashes of color that form a camoflauge pattern, which is also carried over to the back of the shirt inside the Fitted crown.

The New Eras for this drop feature a couple of unique ideas.  First up is a Baltimore Orioles piece in gray flannel wool with a teal brim, pink eyelets and teal button.  The second is a Cincinnati Reds alternate logo with two black front panels and four purple back panels.  Both are meant to match up with the shirt graphic.

These three items will be available to the public starting at 11am.  As always, the same rules aply: first come, first served; phone orders taken after 12pm.

For more, check out Fitted Hawaii.