Dirty Laundry: the art of the stain in modern t-shirt design

Besides the usual fun and frolic that accompanies First Friday, there isn’t much to write home about.  Sure, the art exhibits are dope and the venues are always doing something interesting (for example, the Loft and the sushi bar + dance party after 9pm).

The art exhibits, while dope in their own right… kinda overpower the night just because there’s so many of them.  I mena, how do you expect to cover and logically check out all the dope exhibits in a short 3 hours period?  Especially having to navigate through the human traffic that is Chinatown on First Friday?

Well, here’s one exhibit that you HAVE to mark down and check out, only because of the sheer uniqueness of the whole thing.  Dirty Laundry is an exhibit curated by Seeing Red and it focuses on the t-shirts and stains.

Normally, once you drop some ketchup or mustard on that American Apparel, it’s pretyt much cooked.  But, what Dirty Laundry seeks to explain is that you can make the stain work for you.  Each artist in the show was given six “pre-stained” shirts and designed on the shirt around the stain, thus making the stain an integral part of the shirt’s pattern.

This show is sponsored nationally by Cotton, Inc. and 10% of all gallery proceeds go to the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii.

Dirty Laundry opens this First Friday at the Nuuanu Gallery at Mark’s Garage and runs until Sept. 20th.

For more information, check out the Dirty Laundry website.