groundUP presents: Bound For Greatness

Seriously, as if I need to put any copy below the flyer.

You already know the deals, but for those that don’t… here’s the situation:

Noa and his merry band of groundUP Pirates present one of the final art shows of 2008 with BOUND FOR GREATNESS.  This event brings together pirates of all media in one place, sharing what they love to Hawaii’s very appreciative art audience.

The usual suspects will be in attendance, with the expansive groundUP roster of artists: painters, illustrators, photographers, models, fashion designers, musicians, producers, DJs, and poets, providing aural and visual stimulation.

To try and list everyone on the flyer would be silly, so just read the flyer and check out al the dopeness that’s gonna be produced during the event.

One important thing to note is that there wil be new groundUP t-shirts available, so make sure you get up on it and score yourself a piece of the biggest collective of artists in Hawaii.

Noa is the mastermind behind everything groundUP and, thanks to his tireless efforts, this one promises to be another epic show and another arrow in the ever-growing quivver of amazing groundUP art shows.

BOUND FOR GREATNESS is set to go down this Saturday night at the Honolulu Design Center.  $7 gets you through the door, $5 if you wear a skirt, collared shirt or groundUP shirt.  This all ages event starts at 8pm and is slated to go until midnight.  Free parking is available in the Honolulu Design Center.

For more information, check out The groundUP Movement.