Dunny Series 5 trading party 

kidrobot will be dropping their latest series of the very adorable and very collectable Dunny vinyl lind box series this Thursday.

BUT! you can get a jump on everyone else by attending the special Dunny Series 5 release and trading party this Wednesday night at Urbanz Toys.  Urbanz Toys is an authorized kidrobot retai spot, so you cna rest assured there will be tons of toys available and also tons of fun.  The last time the atypicalLIVING crew invaded an Urbanz trading party, we were treated to free food and drink, tons of cool people hanging out in front and the fun of finding not one, but two Golden Tickets.

I can only expect to receive the same results this time around.

The trading party goes down this Wdnesday from 6-8pm at Urbanz Toys in Kaimuki, across the way from Mechahawaii.

For more information on the party, check out Urbanz Toys.