The Nike+ Human Race

This Saturday, the entire Nike+ community will join together and their distance logged that day will be counted and used to benefit one of three different charities: Lance Armstrong’s LIVEstrong Foundation,, the United Nation’s refugee agency, or the World Wildlife Fund.

This is also an event where Nike has sponsored several city races worldwide, where a majority of the miles will be tabulated.  If you happen to be living in one of those cities, it’s highly encouraged to check out the city race.

Don’t live near one of the city races? Not to worry, as those equipped with Nike+ sensors on their shoes and iPods can participate and have their miles logged in during the day.

This event is free to join and is going to benefit one of three great causes.  Just sign up for the Human Race 10K before tomorrow at the Nike+ website.

While you’re there, you can read up on who people will be running on Saturday, what the causes are doing to help support this event, and also, you can join the country challenge, as runners will represent their home contry and race to see who can rack up the most distance.

It’s a fun event that gets you out of the house, on your feet, and benefitting a worthy cause.  So, go out there, sign up, and run around for a bit.  Every step counts.