split obsession Back to School Sale

split obsession, Hawaii Kai’s number one spot for fashion, art, and vinyl toys, is getting back into school in style.  They’ll accomplish this by running a special back to school sale.

The particulars are pretty meaty: 15% off tees and hats, 20% off Sweetees, 30% off denim and bags, 20% off toys, 10% off blind box toys and accessories and there’s also a 60% off sales rack.

All of that equals to 155% of awesome.

So, gear up and make suire your looking fresh to death for all the beautiful people trolling the quad, the halls and the mall.

Hurry though, because this sale last from now until Monday, so make sure you make the most of it.  split obsession is located in the Koko Marina Shopping Center.  They’re open Monday-Saturday, 11am-8pm; Sundays 11am-6pm.

Also, for those that love art, the I GOT WOOD show is still up and on display.  Check it out, while you still got the chance.

For more info, check out split obsession.