NEW! Kicks/HI KH script New Eras

In conjunction with the re-up of the Vans 3 feet high “Kicks/HI” Chukka, the Kicks/HI crew is bringing back out the old school UH colorway of their famous KH Script New Eras.  This New Era is super official and is a perfect match for the Chukka.

In addition to the UH colorway, there’s also a very dope black/purple edition that’s dropping as well.  Perfect for all the other outfits you got lying around in your closet.

As with all things Kicks/HI, the in-store sales will get the exclusive rights for the first few days, then, starting on Sept. 1, phone orders will be accepted for anything that remains.

So, if you want in on this, you better get on it on Saturday.

For more info, check out Kicks/HI.