NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Ho’o Mano” Tiger Shark Pack

Seriously, Fitted Hawaii is taking this back to school thing seriously, as this is their third drop of the week.  This one is a bit special, as this is based off the fearsome Tiger Shark.  The pack, dubbed “Ho’o Mano” means “to behave like a shark, to pursue women ardently.”

This pack consists of a shirt and brand new H New Era, similar to the ‘Ele ‘Ele drop.  The New Era features a woven linen crown in tan and teal hits on the logo, underbill, Fitted crown on the side and the sweatband.  The true beauty of the hat lies on the lining, as it is satin lined with a print of the State Seal of Hawaii on the interior.

The shirt is equally as impressive, with teal tiger shark print lining the sides and the Fitted crown emblazoned on the back in yellow and teal.  The crown has a bite taken out of it, tying back to the tiger shark theme.

The shirt is limited to 80 pieces and the hat limited to 100, so if you wanna get up on this, be prepared to battle it out.  As always, phone orders will be taken after 12pm on remaining stock.

The pack is set to release this Saturday at 11am.  So get a move on and make sure you go get it, because this one is going fast.

For more info, check out Fitted Hawaii.