NEW! MyCryptonauts Paper Craft toys. 

Aaron Lee and his Cryptonauts are back with something new.  Riding the paper craft wave, the MyCryptonauts have added two new members to the family.  Both feature the same style as their bigger siblings, but in an easier to manage form.

These paper figures are also available at your favorite retailer, as a select few (around 100, in fact) will be left around the city for anyone to pick up.  Similar to the Vice Magazines or Frank 151, these little collectible paper toys can be found and scooped up from all the dopest spots on the island.  If you see one, by all means, go ahead and make it yours.

MyCryptonauts will be releasing one new version of this paper doll every month (or so) and will be leaving them around the island.  If you happen to miss out on a Cryptonaut drop, you can download the template from the MyCryptonauts website and do it yourself.

These new Cryptonauts will make their debut at Christina’s birthday party ay exclusive tonight.  Besides that, Aaron Lee will also be selling a couple of the Cryptonauts at an “exclusive” price.  Check in at the party for details.

Another place you can pick up the new MyCryptonauts paper toys would be at Prolifik this Saturday night for Roses and Revolvers: The Ladykillers.