NEW! The Starfish Guy Series 2 Cans

Homie to the site and all around nice guy The Starfish Guy has dropped his latest series of customized cans at Prototype.  The last series of cans went hella quick, so TSG went back and made 15 more cans for your enjoyment.

These cans are individually marked and individually made, so no one can looks like the other.  These are actual spray cans, as one quick shake will reveal that these have been put through its paces by some of Hawaii’s dopest artists.  TSG’s characters adorn the can and the design wraps around the entire can, so feel free to display this outside of the box, so you can bask in all angles of the can.

As an added bonus, a few of the cans are linked to special bonus prizes.  You could win one of two magnetic stars or, the grand prize, a customized canvas.  After purchasing the can, your friendly Prototype Operative will check to see if you’ve won.  I tried to get TSG to tell me which ones are the winning cans, but he wouldn’t, so you’re gonna have to take your chances with it.  I mean, the cans are dope by themselves, and, for $15, you really can’t go wrong with it as artwork.

It’s just that a few of them could score you something extra.

For more info on this series, check out The Starfish Guy [dot] com