Beat Root 2008 2.6

the lightsleepers present the second edition of the Beat Root qualifying series. This event will feature six more of the dopest producers in Hawaii, battling it out for musical supremacy. The six in this event are a mixture of who’s who of Hawaii Hip-Hop and some mystery elements.

The mystery elements come in the form of half the producers in this battle. Pandemic is a new cat on the scene. Portuguese Sausage Fest is someone that entered the last event, but we’ll keep his identity a secret until the show. Philippe Anthony is actually a homie of the atypicalLIVING/Prolifik crew. From what I’ve heard (all 15 seconds of it) this is gonna be pretty good.

he other half of the bracket are some names you’ve seen before.  Opposite has won a Beat Roots before and was in the King of Kings final earlier this year with Ques?.  Studderin Stan (on the beat) is the consummate professional beatmaker.  He’ll be coming with the fire, no doubt.  And, making his first Beat Root appearance, is the always impressive Shaun Castro aka thatguyshaun.

Besides the Beat Root main event, there will also be a couple of showcases.  First up is a showcase from Beat Root judges Slapp Symphony, who’ll bring the trunk thumping beats from the stage.  Also showcasing at this Beat Root will be Maleko and Optimus Rhymes of LA2theBay/JKC/KnoWest/Blockrockers.

This one is gonna be pretty epic.  The event starts at 5pm this Thursday at the Easy Music Center on South King St.  This one is FREE and all ages, so you just have to bring yourself down to enjoy the fun. atypicalLIVING/Prolifik/[optical nerds] will be there with the coverage, so look for us.

For more info, check out the lightsleepers page.