NEW! Prototype Ammo Packs

One of the dope accessory pieces that have basically been holding fast as an untouched classic has been the original Prototype Ammo Pack.  Released around the same time as the move from Windward Mall to Pearlridge, the Ammo Pack served as a covert design for all street artists in Hawaii.  Combining the feel of a bandolier with the storage of a small messenger bag, this little piece was the epitome of Prototype’s “Inspire Creativity” mantra.

But, since the first run, nothing has even come close to matching it’s awesome portability.

Until now.

Prototype is re-releasing the Ammo Pack, along with some Jordan Retro+ type colorways.  ALong with the original black ballistic nylon, they’ve added a khaki brown and a camo print joint to the collection.  This one is definitely not one to sleep on now.

Go get it before they disappear once again.

For more on this, check out the Inspire Creativity site.