NEW! Fitted Hawaii shirt and hats

After taking the week off for some in-house cleaning and inventory, the Fitted Hawaii crew is back with another spectacular Saturday drop.

First, the hats: Cincy Reds in black and tan with a red bill and camo Reds C; SF Giants in all black with red button, gold S and green F; Pirates in black green and dark red.

The headliner of this release is the shirt.  Cast in a deep red, the image depicts Kekuhaupi’o, the great warrior that spent years training Kamehameha the Great.  The shirt itself is full of greens, yellows and white, with two Kahili’s crossed on the sleeve and the Fitted crown on the back.

As always, the same rules apply: first come, first served; phone orders after 12pm.

For more, check out Fitted Hawaii.