iKandy 2008 Fall Collection 

iKandy will be releasing their 2008 Fall Colelcton of apparel to the masses at Hawaii’s largest craft fair, the Made in Hawaii Festival.  The 2008 Fall Collection will build on the momentum created by the Spring line and will expand on certain themes.  What themes, you may ask?

Well, swing by the festival and find out.

Also, for the first time, the iKandy/exclusive booth will be located inside the Exhibition Hall instead of inside the arena.  This means increased exposure and higher foot traffic for the booth.  Which also means that if you want a piece of the new collection, you better be prepared to fight through the crowd.  So, do yourself a favor and go early.

The Made in Hawaii festival runs this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  10am-9pm on Friday and Saturday; 10am-5pm on Sunday.  Look for booth #295.

For more, check out exclusive.