DJ Jaba One/lightsleepers/Homegrown Blends: Poked in the Eye by Love 

Lofa just hooked it up with a copy of Jaba Oner’s new mixtape Poked in the Eye by Love, a danceable 37-song collection of love jams and reminiscing.

According to the liner notes, this one was supposed to come out during Valentine’s Day, thus explaining the name and the content of the mixtape.

But, due to unforeseen circumstances, it hasn’t come out… until now.

This one features pretty much any dope love jam you can think of… plus some NoMasterBacks stuff.  Which tracks?

You’re gonna have to cop one to find out.  Seriously, this thing hasn’t left the ears since I got it.

You can cop this anywhere that you can find lightsleepers music, including Exclusive, Lofa’s cargo pockets, and the back of Kavet‘s xB.