NEW! Fitted “Paper Cuts” shirt and Dodgers New Era 

Another Saturday, another Fitted drop.

This week is a shout out to the ancient Japanese art of origami.  The Fitted logo, 3D’d out and stacked (like all paper must be) adorn the front on a simple black shirt.  Very simple, very powerful.

The hat this week is very timely, as the City of Angels celebrates the arrival of MANNY being MANNY to their team.  Don’t know if that’s enough to put the Dodgers over the top, but this hat definitely is over the top.

This hat screams Summertime with a yellow bill, TEAL! back panels, grey front panels and black detailing.  This one will work well with those DORK glasses you scooped up at Soul Clap last week.

As always, the same rule applies: first come, first served.

For more info, check out Fitted Hawaii.