NEW! Fitted Hawaii Kamehameha quickstrikes

Dang yo, as soon as I think I can take a moment off without Lofa in the building…

The Fitted Ohana come through with another (bunch of) heater(s).

And what a way to be surprised on a Monday afternoon.

The most celebrated New Era in the Fitted lineup is back in a special, limited edition (like 50 each limited) run.  The four colors are pretty sick as well.  Camo, black denim, ol skool UH baseball and Navy Blue.

Classic colorways for a classic cap.  For reals.

As always, the same rules apply: First come, First served… and, since it’s past 12pm, phone orders are gladly accepted.

You better hurry because these joints are destined to join the classic status that the black/black and red/gold have achieved.  You better get on these, for real.  otherwise, you might be waiting another couple of months for the next time these come out.

Don’t say I didn’t try to wake you up from sleeping on the Kamehameha hat.

To go get yours, check out Fitted Hawaii.