NEW! Fitted “Colors Don’t Run” shirt 

Another Saturday, another Fitted Hawaii drop.  You know, the Fitted crew has become so consistent with these drops.  I hope they keep this pace up, as Hawaii needs more dope stuff out there.

Speaking of dope, that perfectly describes today’s offerings.  First the hats: old school Pittsburgh Pirates joint that reminds me of Pops Stargell and the “We Are Family” Pirates.  Next is a buttery smooth Yankees fit that’s all black with khaki suede hits.  Ultra smooth.  Finally, there’s the woodland camo Yankees fitted orange hits everywhere that remind me of the Reese Forbes “Hunter” Dunk from a few years ago.

The shirt in question is called “Colors Don’t Run” and features a rasta Red, Gold, and Green color scheme and a Hawaii paddle element in the background.  Of course, being a Fitted shirt means having it’s own twist on it, which this shirt does.  The colors are represented by three things that are indicative of Hawaii: (red) Dirt, (gold) Bangles, and (green) pakalolo.

And if you don’t know, now you know.

These items are available now at Fitted Hawaii.