groundUP Pirates present FLASH!

The groundUP Pirates are back, and in a big way, with FLASH! – a fashion show / photography exhibition going down this Friday night at the Honolulu Design Center.

Giving love to the photographers, FLASH! will highlight the dopest work from Hawaii’s elite photography talent: Willy banlund, Harold Julian, Rafael Swit, Peter Helenius, Brooke Dombroski, Carolyn Mirante, Aaron Eskaran, Kristofor Gelert, and Luke Takayama.

Along with the photographers taking center stage, there is also a fashion show going on, featuring pieces from Exclusive Hawaii, Cassandra Rull, and The Butik.

Finally, what groundUP event would be complete without music?  The sound selectors include Rhyme the Old Man, Elephant Armada, Sentric, DeeNiri, and DJs Oliver Twist and Liger with the IMON Factor.

FLASH! goes down this Friday night at the Honolulu Design Center (1250 Kapiolani).  $5 will get you through the doors, which open at 8pm and is open to all ages.

For more ifnormation, check out the groundUP Movement online.