NEW! Fitted shirt and MLB New Eras

Another Saturday, another Fitted drop.

With the hectic Summer schedule, I’m stoked to see that some things are consistent, such as Fitted Hawaii’s constant drops on Saturdays.  And this Saturday is no exception, as they bring the heat with three new MLB New Eras and a brand new shirt.

First off, the fitteds: the first one is a Yankees custom featuring dark green on all 6 panels, gold brim with a red underside, red eyelets, and gold New Era logo hit and top button with a scarlet red Yankees logo.

Next up is an Orioles custom which features a gray all-over color paneling, brown brim and gray underside with a metallic cobalt blue O’s logo with a brown stroke.

Finally, there’s a Marlins custom featuring kelly green on the back four panels, white on the front 2 panels, kelly green brim with an orange underbill, and orange eyelets and top button.  And yes, for those paying attention, that is a Miami Hurricanes color scheme.

The shirt is the real banger of this update.  The graphic was first seen in the 80s classic “North Shore” but, this time around, there’s a Fitted Hawaii twist to it.  Recognize your classics.

As always, the same rules apply: first come, first served; no phone orders until 12pm Hawaii time.

For more info, check out Fitted’s website.