iPhone 3G release this Friday 

You know it’s coming.  You’ve always known it’s coming.  Now, the rumors are coming to fruition this Friday with the release of the iPhone 3G.

A lot of the things people wanted in the first iPhone are actually going to be implemented in the iPhone 2.0 software, which is available on the new iPhone and also available to those with iPhone 1.0 (free) and with the iPod Touch ($20).

Also available is the new AppStore, which features new applications that one can download to their iPhone.  This includes AIM, a Facebook app, a MySpace app, and this new app called Remote that lets you use your iPhone as a remote for your iTunes on your computer.  A lot of dope things going on in the development world for the iPhone mobile platform.

So, how do you get up on all this?

Well, if you’re a current iPhone user, just download iTunes 7.7 and the iPhone 2.0 software.  You’re gonna need both in order to get the apps on your iPhone.  Also, 7.7 has the link for the application store, of which you can pick up apps for any price, including free.

If you’re looking to scoop up iPhone 3G, it will be available to the public this Friday morning at 8am at both Appl Store locations on the island (Kahala and Ala Moana).  Make sure you are prepared for the launch, as you’re going to need a a state-issued ID, your social security number, a credit card, and if you’re switching over from a different carrier, your current account number and password.

Lines are anticipated, but again, no one really knows the demand for this, so Friday will be a surprise.

However, just remember that Hawaii got it’s line game on lock, so you might have to brave the crowd a bit.

For more, check out the apple.com website.