Beat Root 2008 Series Qualifier 1/6 

the lightsleepers are BACK! with the 2008 edition of the Beat Root producer beat battle series.  The first series, which ran from throughout the span of two years, found Ques? the Beat Root Grand Champion.

This year, a new batch of producers are back to claim the title of Beat Root Grand Champion.  This is the first step to that end.

The first qualifier has six of the dopest producers on the island going at it for the first of six spots in the 2008 King of Kings battle.  And this battle has some heavy hitters in it as well.

TKO and Pinoy are the two newcomers to this battle, so they have the opportunity to knock this one out of the park with the right grooves.  They are the mystery elements at this point, so look for some surprising stuff from those two during the battle.

Highlighted by Beat Root champion Lael Beats, the rest of the field has tons of talent behind it.  Siq Records own Hunger Pains will be sending a two man team to the battle.  Multiple time FLOW freestyle champion Everybody Knows will be throwing down some beats at the event and the Beat Root “Most Improved” award winner, Stutterin’ Stan, will be blessing the battle with some heat.

As if the battle wasn’t dope enough, there will also be a special showcase featuring Seattle resident and Hawaii’s own beat manipulator, Sentr1c.  That alone is worth the price of admission.

Speaking of, the event is free and open to all ages, so there should be few excuses available to not go to the event.  Reat Root 2008 qualifier 1 goes down this Thursday at the Easy Music Center on South King.  Doors open at 5pm.

For more information, check out the lightsleepers online.