Blue Scholars at UH Campus Center

Coming off an amazing performance at Next Door, Blue Scholars have one more special surprise: an all ages show this Monday.

A quick announcement was given by Geologic at the tail end of the Blue Scholars concert and Jake reiterated the time for everyone.

What we do know is that the concert is this Monday night, 6pm at the UH Campus Center.  No other details were given, other than that. Perfect Median, NoMasterBacks, AudibleLabRats, Creed Chameleon and DJ Packo will be rockin the spot with Geologic and Sabzi.

We don’t know how much the show will cost, but after Saturday’s performance, I would gladly pay whatever it takes to see them again. [Ed note – Tickets are $10 at the door]

So, if you missed out on Saturday’s show, you’re underage and couldn’t see them at Next Door, or you got the itch to see them one more time, check them out Monday night at the UH Campus Center.

For more, check out or Blue Scholars.