NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Home Grown” Shirt

Fitted Hawaii has just dropped another dope shirt to add into your closet.  Doesn’t it seem like Fitted drops illness almost every other day?  If only the res tof Hawaii has this kind of production schedule, I think we’d be a lot better off with ourselves…

But, I digress.

This shirt brings together everything that makes gorwing up in Hawaii so unique.  It evokes so many meomories of being at the beach, or the park, or at a Grandma’s or Aunite’s house with your cousins… all these things come together in this one shirt.  Black and red graphic brings about feelings of “Back in the Day” while the Fitted crown on the back with the floral fill brings about feelings of “All Day, Every Day.”

This is deifnitely a shirt not to be messed with and should be par tof your every day clothing schedule.

You can scoop this up at Fitted Hawaii.