DJ Q-Bert This Saturday at Lotus

This Saturday, the legendary DJ Q-Bert will be throwing down his unique blend of hip-hop and turntablism at the Lotus Soundbar.  Q will also be flanked by the ITF World Champion Nocturnal Sound Krew.

The Skratch Piklz legend and current Hawaii resident will also host a DJ exhibition, featuring the likes of Revise, Skid, yogurt, R2D2, Packo, Colossus, and Memoir(s).

Also at the event will be IKON, G-Spot, Daniel J, and Technique.

This all goes down this Saturday Night, starting at 9pm, at the Lotus Soundbar on Kuhio Avenue.  21+ ONLY and there is a dress code, so everyone, including Lofa, gotta rock pants to the event.

For more info, check out Lotus Soundbar.