atypicalLIVING Covers… Vision

This edition of atypicalLIVING Covers… presents a special event that was held at Bethel Chapel this past Saturday night. The event, co-hosted by Diane and groundUP Pirate jacie., was a special fundraiser for a Jesus Christ is Calling You (JCCY) mission to Uganda, where the country is still recovering from the military and political turmoil from the early 70s to the early 90s.

The JCCY missions trip will help benefit the children living there, by providing support for those going to school there, helping them better themselves and the economic structure of the country.

The event itself featured live art from numerous artists, including groundUP Pirates Shaun Castro and Ryan Greenly and a live photo shoot with Niel Norman and Aaron Rideout. La Pistil and Cassandra Rull. Music was provided by Stutterin Stan, Rhyme the Old Man, Living Proof, Friends of Adam, Dave Tamaoka and Canefield Hero. And the funny was brought by David Lee and In Your Face Improv (TEAL!).

The event was pretty dope, with tons of activity going around and food being served. It seemed more like a fun backyard party than an event (which was a nice departure from the (last) Next Movement, which will be covered tomorrow).

Also, the combined aprolifikalLIVING crew, along with DJ Liger have come up with the newest hotspot on the island. Check out Mister J: All Day for the story on that.

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