Fitted Hawaii “The Exploited” pack

Another Saturday, another dope Fitted shirt release.

This Saturday, the shirt in question traces the Fitted crew back to their beginnings of being into skating and hardcore punk. On of the bands that influenced the crew was The Exploited, a UK second wave punk group that was formed in 1979.

Fitted paystribute to this awesome band with a shirt based off one of their album covers. I don’t really follow UK punk all that closely, so I’m guessing the album in question was “Let’s Start A War.”

As far as the shirt is concerned, it features reflective material being used for the skull, as well as glow in the dark material for the teeth and the Fitted crown on the back. Deifnitely another shirt that’s gonna require an explanation, but if you got it off the bat, good for you.

The shirt is available in black or purple and will be on sale today at 11am.

Same rules apply, naturally: first come, first served and no phone orders until after 12pm.

For more info, check out Fitted Hawaii.