NEW! Fitted Hawaii “One Day Alone” shirt and blk/blk UH hat

It’s Tuesday, so that means another sick Fitted Hawaii drop.

This time, they’re featuring a brand new shirt representing the calm influence of a day at the beach.  Big, bold text reads “One Day Alone” with an image fill of a calm beach environment at sunset.  This joint is perfect for chillin around the BBQ or kickin it with that special someone… or, for Lofa, special someones (plural, sonnn!)

Anyway, they’re droppin this shirt along with a crispy black-on-black UH Fitted, perfect for any Summertime fit.

Both are limited to 75 each, so, if you want one… go get yours before it gets got.

As always, the same rules apply: first come, first served… phone orders after 12pm.

For more, Fitted Hawaii.