NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Live At The BBQ” and green UH New Era 

It’s Saturday everyone, and to match up that tonal red UH New Era that dropped yesterday, the Fitted Hawaii crew has dropped another dope sirt to rock out the Summer in.

And speaking of Summer, what represents Summer more than the BBQ?  Which is where the inspiration of this shirt came from.  The sun, the surf, the grill on lock, definitely where you wanna be this summer.  Black/white, yellow/black, and orange/black fonts all over the front and the dope Fitted crown on the back.  Super essential.

The shirt is also a shout out to Main Source, who had the jammie jam back in the day with Live At The BBQ.  So, grab a shirt, grab both of the tonal UH New Eras and go hit the grill.

Same rules apply: first come, first served; phone orders after 12pm.

For more info, check out Fitted Hawaii.