NEW! iKandy “Heart Throb” Bubble Tee

No, you dorks, not that kind of bubble tea.  A bubble letter tee, that is.  This one is based off the popular “Heart Throb” tee done up by KOAK last season.  This time, it mixes up that design with the wildly popular Hello Kitty piece for a truly unique style.

These shirts come in pink and yellow or green and purple.  Both feature the Heart Throb bubble lettering on the front, iKandy bubble letters on the back, and the traditional iKandy logo hit on the left sleeve.  This one is definite to heat up the Summertime, no doubt.

Also, don’t forget that there’s still the 2H collabo shirts available.  Girls shirt are in the light blue.  Guys in the Navy Blue.

You can scoop up all of these shirts at exclusive, on the corner of Kapiolani and Piikoi, across the way from the Honolulu Design Center and Ala Moana.

For more info, exclusive.