NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Makaukau” shirt and Royalty sticker pack

This Tuesday, the Fitted crew brings you another ill shirt to rock out for the Summer. This shirt, dubbed “Makaukau”, features the red, gold, brown, and yellow color scheme of the Ali’i, the proud Hawaiian chiefs that once ruled our island nation.

The front graphic features the proud Hawaiian warrior, holding court in his mahiole (helmet made fo feathers) and carrying a Kahili, which was used to represent royalty.  Counter that with the just too dope Fitted crown and this shirt is definitely fit for royalty.

Also releasing on Tuesday is a new sticker pack, based off the same color scheme as the latest shirt.  The sticker pack features designs from their previous releases, along with new designs strictly made for the sticker pack.  They picked out the dopest designs for this one, including the hilarious “Aloha Means Goodbye” graphic.  The sticker pack is limited to 100, so if you want in on this, definitely get in on it as you’re scooping up the shirt.

As always with fitted releases, the same rules apply: first come, first served; phone orders taken after 12pm HST.

For more info, Fitted Hawaii