NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Hawaiian Time” shirt 

It’s Saturday, and that only means one thing: new Fitted shirt release.

This Saturday is no exception, as the shirt being dropped is called Hawaiian Time.

Now, for those that have spent enough time in Hawaii know… everyone seems to run on their own system clock. When someone says to be there at 3:30 pm, you darn well know they ain’t showing up until 5. And that’s how it’s been here in the islands. To celebrate our… ahem, “unique” time management system, Fitted has designed this shirt, showcasing clocks similar to what you would find in movies whenever they would show a busy newsroom.

The six clocks in question are Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. If you notice, there seems to be no hands on the Honolulu clock, thus making reference to Hawaiian Time.

Just make sure that you’re not late so you don’t miss out on this shirt. As always, the same rules apply: first come, first served and phone orders taken after 12pm. Fitted’s been coming out with some heat to make sure your closet will be well stocked for the Summer.

For more info: Fitted Hawaii