Cinco De Mayo! and Boys Day!

Seriously, this is the only day that me wearing this shoe actually makes sense.  Pictured above is the Paul Rodriguez, Cinco de Mayo edition of last year’s Zoom Elite SB.  I’m actually wearing this shoe today, so if you see me out and about, notice the feet.

Yes, that was taken right now… and yes, that is my set up with flick taken from my iPhone.

Anyway, Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day, so that’s why everyone’s all stoked about it.  Well, other than the fact that you get away with acting fully Mexican and spouting off random Spanish phrases that make zero sense.

Also, it’s also Boys Day.  Tango-no-Sekku, is also known as the Boys Festival, where families in Japan fly carp to represent the  boys in the family, with the eldest being the biggest one and the others ranging in size, based on age.  The festival was started as an offshoot of a festival that the rural farmers used to partake in to ward off insects attacking the new crops.  The farmers would erect grotesque statues to scare the insects.  Later, these figures were used to represent fierce warriors, famed for their fighting skill.  As the figures became more artistically styled, they were displayed inside and instilled in young boys a sense of manliness and to ward off evil spirits.

SO, now you know the story behind the holiday.  Go out and enjoy it.